Civil Engineering is the other pillar of our service provision. ‘Civil engineering is everything you see that’s been built around us. It’s about roads and railways, schools, offices, hospitals, water and power supply and much more. The kinds of things we take for granted but would find life very hard to live without.’(ICE 2021). At SANDS Civil Engineering we focus mainly in the highway transport sector of Civil Engineering and associated works in support of developments. 

We understand that the needs of every civil engineering project are unique, therefore we have chartered engineering teams that combine their theoretical, practical knowledge and experience to produce the right solution for every project.


Highway Engineering


We understand the importance of highways for both connectivity and economic growth and it forms the basis of our civil engineering offering. We design and deliver complex highway schemes using cost effective and sustainable solutions from concept design to detailed design. Our work includes geometric design, pavement design, drainage design and other associated elements of highways infrastructure. New developments generally requires, new access road, car park, hard landscaping and dropped kerbs where necessary in support of the architectural layout plan.

SECTION 278 / SECTION 38 planning support
These agreements provide financial and insurance mechanisms for ensuring the delivery of mitigation works identified as necessary for planning permission to be granted for a private development. We are specialists in the design of highways and associated Section 278 & S38 agreements for private developments. Our work is tailored to match up the Developer & Council’s requirements to ensure an efficient and value-driven design output.

Drainage Design

Drainage design and flood risk assessment are integral to successful planning applications with great emphasis on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for stormwater management.  At SANDS our Engineers are highly experienced in developing well balanced drainage strategies and designs towards providing cost effective solutions to discharge planning conditions and project requirements.

Flood Risk Assessment


Flood risk assessments are used to identify and assess risks of all forms of flooding to a development and our drainage designs demonstrate how these flood risks are to be managed as part of the development while taking climate change into consideration.

Road Safety Audit


Road Safety Audit is often required by highway and planning authorities when changes are proposed to an existing highway or in the creation of a new one. The objective of Road Safety Audits (RSA) is to identify aspects of engineering interventions that could give rise to road safety problems and to suggest modifications that could improve road safety. 

Traffic Management Plans


We produce Chapter 8 traffic management plans for construction activities involving the highway network and construction site movements.  We work in conjunction with the local approving authority for TMAN approvals with designs aimed at minimising the impact on the network, road users, residential and business premises in proximity of the proposed works.