Drainage Design & Flood Risk Assessment

Drainage Design & Flood Risk Assessment

Drainage Design & Flood Risk Assessment

Drainage design and flood risk assessment are integral to successful planning applications with great emphasis on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for stormwater management.  At Sands our Engineers are highly experienced in developing well balanced drainage strategies and designs towards providing cost effective solutions to discharge planning conditions and meet project requirements.

SuDS design is at the core of storm water management aiming to mimic natural performance while managing rainfall locally. We use infiltration options, attenuation systems and innovative layout arrangements to ensure maximum value is derived for the asset life.

We also produce comprehensive wastewater and foul sewer designs for efficient management of wastewater, ensuring the maximum benefit is derived from the system.

Flood risk Assessment

A flood risk assessment (FRA), reviews a development’s proposal and assesses it against the risk of flooding. A FRA is required for developments located in Flood zones 2 or 3; in a Critical Drainage Area; sites larger than 1hectare or that may have an impact on a watercourse. Flooding can come from any one or more of the following sources:

  • River (fluvial)
  • Groundwater
  • Surface water (pluvial)
  • Estuary/coastal (tidal)
  • Sewers

Our team of flood risk experts have many years of experience and can provide flood advice for any development and provide appropriate mitigation measures.

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