Project Management for Real People

Project Management for Real People

A seminar Led by the CIHT Dubai Group and delivered by our Ayodeji Adepoju. This webinar will look at the impact of good project management. The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A. 

23 February 2021, 14:00-15:15 CIHT Webinar UNITED KINGDOM


Project Management is a complex discipline in applying a range of resources towards achieving defined goals within a programme. It is a critical element to successful delivery of transport infrastructure and services on the ground and at its core are the key elements of planning, coordination and human interaction amongst professionals working as a team.

Over the years, Project Management approaches have evolved into various structured methodologies linked to, and accredited by, industry and professional codes of practice. Within these, whilst projects have unique procedures which vary on a case by case basis, a common element is the need to manage and influence human interaction within teams. This interaction brings complexity as each individual professional has an impact on the overall team dynamics of the project organisation.  

There is a perception that major transport projects, and the teams delivering them, are difficult to manage with frequent overruns in time and budget. Through good Project Management such risks can be reduced and effectively mitigated. There are many contributing factors to project success and there is no simple set of best practices applicable in all circumstances. Nevertheless, good Project Management is an essential constant, closely tied-in with the leadership and direction of a project organisation. Whilst trained in the application of recognised approaches, it is expected that a Project Manager will also pick up the key people skills required to manage complex elements of human interaction in the project environment.  

This interactive seminar from CIHT Dubai Group will provide a personal perspective on the impact of managing team dynamics in a project environment. This will be based on the speaker’s experience in building, and leading established, teams to success in delivery of projects to programme and budget

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